is there sugar in syrup?! then YES!

finally…the conclusion of the birthday posts.  crazy awesome and crazy spoiled. a perfect night out with some of my favorite gals…to dinner at salt and then to cap it off with the incredible hunger games movie…pretty spectacular birthday. some awkward leaning… the girls wanted to get goat cheese dip… goat cheese dip : creamy dip

he is the cheese to my macaroni…

part two of the birthday posts…get ready. so the next day, karen, john, and I went out for brunch.  there aren’t words in the english language that can express how much I love brunch.  especially brunch in chicago.  and this visit certainly didn’t disappoint. we went to a little place called lula cafe.  crowded and

what about second breakfast?!

here we go, a little bit of redemption. went back to harvest cafe…I wanted to reassure myself that it is indeed a delicious restaurant and that one bad entreé does not a restaurant make. so being further enticed by the lovely folken duo, I headed there with some good friends. went next door first to

fish are friends, not food.

remember that one time when I went to pennsylvania?  well, I must have just been on such a philly day high that I neglected all the lovely food I ate in lancaster. this is what I will lovingly refer to as the “lunch in lancaster” in post. there’s only one must on my list, besides