because that sniz is straight up DELOYCIOUS.

I’m more than excited about this post.  but I only wish I could relive what I’m about to write.  what a terrific evening.

I went to philldelphia for the first time to visit a wonderful guy named david.  david goes to imago with me.  or sort of.  david moved to philly this year to partake in a program called mission year.  you can read all about it here.

so, as I was only an hour from him in lancaster, it seemed absolutely inevitable that I should drop by and see him in philly.

so we toured the city like crazy people (seriously, I don’t even wanna know how many miles we walked) and of course had delicious philly cheesesteaks for lunch.  it exceeded my expectations.  but, that’s not what I’m here to tell you about.

for hours, I researched restaurants in philly.  I wasn’t about to travel all that way and have my taste buds be disappointed.  I finally settled on a little restaurant called “barbuzzo“.  barbuzzo is owned by two female chefs, they also own another restaurant called “lolita”, a wine bar, a “we love philly” gift shop, and basically everything else on 13th street.

it was a perfectly adorable restaurant.  with built-shelves and old barn doors, completely cute.  this photo is dark, but I kinda like it.
we went all out.  we ordered an appetizer and four entreés.  to be fair, they are meant to be shared, and aren’t overly large.

from the minute I saw the menu online I knew I wanted to order their “pig popcorn”, even from the description I was truly anticipating just fancy popcorn.  I was wrong.

pig popcorn : fried pork rinds with apple cider vinegar powder, espelette chile, pickled black mustard seeds and horseradish aioli
salty, crunchy…and look at all that powdery goodness dusted all on the top!  that horseradish aioli was incredible.  just yummo.

next up…oh man.

pan speared brussel sprouts : barbuzzo pancetta, garlic, calabrian chile, lemon, caciocavallo and olive oil bread crumbs
I only have one word in my notes about this…

grilled house smoked shrimp : with crispy mushroom polenta, french feta, wood roasted tomatoes, basil and pinenut pesto
aromatic and sweet, a perfect kick of garlic.

fruitwood smoked pork tenderloin : with wood roasted larette potatoes, tonnato sauce, crispy smoked capers, fennel pollen and green apple
look at the crust on that meat?!  it was just the right amount of salt, and the apple balanced that out perfectly.  the cheese hidden underneath was deliciously gooey.  thanks for finding it, david.

last but not least…

caviocavallo stuffed meatballs : with house ground shortrib, pork, oregano and calabrian chile
spicy, heavy (in a good way), robust, and juicy.  that subway meatball sub will never again suffice.

we left with weighted, full bellies, but we were insanely satisfied.  its been a while since my tummy has been that happy.  ridiculous.  I would encourage all of you to visit philly in your lifetime.  not only is it insanely cool and beautifully historic, but it has THIS restaurant…and from this day forward, that should be on your bucket list.


how's it taste?

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