he is the cheese to my macaroni…

part two of the birthday posts…get ready.

so the next day, karen, john, and I went out for brunch.  there aren’t words in the english language that can express how much I love brunch.  especially brunch in chicago.  and this visit certainly didn’t disappoint.

we went to a little place called lula cafe.  crowded and cozy, we were looking at a forty minute wait, so we opted for the bar…which turned out to be delightful.

what’s brunch without mimosas?
sister and I decided to order two entreés and split them.  here’s what I ordered…

omelet / smoked hanger steak, caramelized onion, rapini, black trumpet mushrooms, fontina ‘fonduta’
really good flavor.  I’ve been trying to give mushrooms a chance lately, and these were lovely.  the omelet especially tasted great on that multigrain toast.

the royale / housemade summer sausage, baked beans, fried onions, cheddar curds, horseradish, pickled peppers, and a six minute egg on focacciafirst of all, how AWESOME is that picture?!  go me.  second of all…this. was. NUTS.  the flavor was so intense and robust it stayed on my tongue the rest of the afternoon.  it was another one of those winning flavor profiles…every. single. ingredient. was perfect.  it all went together in a heavenly symphony and it was a definite winner of the label : tastegasm.

“wow, my whole mouth just filled with saliva.”

onward and upward.

then we spent the evening with the folks at a lovely, quaint little pub called owen & engine.  new favorite place.
of course, being in a pub, I got cider.  it was deeeeeeeeeelicious.  for you pfest lovers…it tasted like a apple cider slushie, but it was ALCOHOL…so yeah.  I think it’s my favorite hard cider:)  on a side note, we waited an hour for our reserved table so they comped our alcohol…and it was a lot.  but it might not have mattered, because the meal was beyond worth the wait.
started off with a scotch egg.  this is something you must try in your lifetime.  especially if you like eggs.  I’m really quite sad that I have missed this my whole life, especially since katie and I’s journey to the uk!  are you kidding?!  and we didn’t know about this?!

let me lay it out for ya : it’s a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage, coated in breadcrumbs, and deep fried.  YEAH.

scotch egg / stout mustard
look at that little nug!  it was amazing.  crunchy on the outside, perfectly cooked egg on the inside.  and don’t even get me started on that mustard!  I love mustard.  like a lot.

onto my entreé.  get ready for life-changing things…

slagel farm beef burger / carmalised onion, house potato bap, aged cheddar mashbest. burger. of my life.  perfect at medium rare on a buttery “bap” (oh how I miss scotland) and obviously simplistic in its ingredients.  it’s known as the foodie’s best burger in chicago, and rightly so.  I didn’t know beef could taste that good!  to be fair, they mixed it with pork cheek, so yeah, best of both meat worlds, right there.  it was juicy and savory and insanely flavorful.  the flavor knocked me out.  and everyone at the table, including coach matt yarcho, enjoyed the hell out of it.  I will be eating it again, I will.  and those potatoes were in.sahn.  karen kept eating off my plate:)  they were the most perfect cheesy mashed potatoes of all time.  o.d.’ed on great food that night.

hey guys…do you remember the quote game?  seems like you have all given up on that…

every post, since the beginning, has featured a quote about food from movie, tv, or books as its title.  let’s get back into that game, and comments, how about those too?!


how's it taste?

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