fish are friends, not food.

remember that one time when I went to pennsylvania?  well, I must have just been on such a philly day high that I neglected all the lovely food I ate in lancaster.

this is what I will lovingly refer to as the “lunch in lancaster” in post.

there’s only one must on my list, besides square one (which is an absolute given) and it’s rachel’s cafe and creperie.  amazing.  crepes of every kind.  seriously.

got me some yummy tea too.


now onto the crepe.  you wouldn’t think crepes could contain anything but sweetness.  you’re wrong, my friend.  crepes can take you on a whole new mouth-delivery system journey.  watch out.

thai chicken crepe : chicken, rice, scallions, peanut butter & buffalo sauce

let me just say…this thing is ridiculous.  I eat it once every few years and it’s totally worth the wait.  the combination of flavors is harmonious.  I love them all apart, but I never expected them to be so good together.  especially the peanut butter and buffalo sauce, man alive, that is a joy in itself.  I can still taste it.

our next lunch was sushi.  jess and I love sushi.  we’ve only eaten it two times in our 24 years together, but they’ve both been great.  once in peoria at gawa, and then again on her home turf at manna pan asian steakhouse & seafood in lancaster.

jess made her always spot-on recommendation, I followed her to the thai chicken crepe and I wasn’t about to veer off course now.

the perfect couple signature roll : crispy beef roll topped with spicy kami & crab meet, with sweet pepper chili sauce

this might be the best sushi roll I’ve ever had.  it was the perfect blend of spicy and sweet…and there was BEEF in it, soooo that right there, winner.  I wish I could have it delivered to me right now.  like if I were rich, I would make it happen.  did I mention the beef was crispy?!  yeah.  I could have licked that freaking plate, that sauce was literally “awesomesauce”.  I awesomesauce you, awesomesauce.  this is now added to my lancaster traditions.

last but not least, we went to rice and noodles.  yummy vietnamese food.

we decided to get an appetizer first.

vietnamese egg rolls/cha gio : deep-fried egg rolls stuffed with crabmeat, ground pork, and vegetables served on a bed of lettuce with nuoc mam sauce

oh man.  those were perfectly fried.  I mean, not greasy at all, and super crunchy.  everything you want in an eggroll.  super delicious.  the sauce was great too, kind of like a sweet chili sauce but less sweet.  we also partook in their peanut sauce, obviously jess and I have a peanut fetish.

next up were the entrees.  jess got this crazy salad action that was crunchy and textured and scrumptious.  here’s what I got.

xio ga lap xuong : steamed sweet sticky rice topped with stir-fried chicken and oriental style sausage slices

let me tell you why this worked.  first off all, that was the best sticky rice ever.  and to balance out that sweetness with the saltiness of the sausage and the great texture of that shredded chicken.  yum-and-a-half.

end post.


how's it taste?

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