what about second breakfast?!

here we go, a little bit of redemption.

went back to harvest cafe…I wanted to reassure myself that it is indeed a delicious restaurant and that one bad entreé does not a restaurant make.

so being further enticed by the lovely folken duo, I headed there with some good friends.

went next door first to get some delicious wine.moving on to the meal with a small plate.

ricotta gnocchi : espelette pepper sausage, hen of the woods mushrooms, picada sauce
so very lovely.  this was one of those dishes that was perfect with every ingredient in the bite.  the flavor profile was well-thought out.  it was delicious.  look at the crunch on that gnocchi!  and let me tell you something.  mushrooms are on my “list” of things I don’t like.  not these bad boys.  they were savory and the typical mushroom texture that I am so adverse to, wasn’t there.  it was crunchy and yummy.  go hen of the woods!

next up, the entreé…I was nervous.  but I ordered what I think is probably their most popular.

local organic fried chicken with buttercup squash risotta pancetta
so so so delicious.  the chicken was incredibly moist and juicy.  the skin had a nice crunch but it was also soaking up the juices from the chicken.  the risotto was full-flavored and cooked perfectly.  and pretty much anything with butternut squash is winning in my book.

moving on to our dessert.

s’mores : homemade graham crackers and marshmallows with chocolate and graham cracker ice creams
oh. man.

those graham crackers were NUTS.  so so so crumbly and delish.  the ice cream was cinnamon-y and almost the texture of custard.  and those marshmallows?  forget. it.  look at those goo-mosters!  and they were toasty and sweet.  awesomeness.

all in all, complete and utter redemption.


how's it taste?

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