I was distracted by the half-masticated cow rolling around in your wide-open trap.

so I’ve been wanting to check out the harvest cafe in delavan for a while.

I was expecting a lot from all the talk I’ve been hearing, I was only slightly disappointed, but generally satisfied.

I know, I don’t often find myself displeased with food.

we’ll get to it.

drinks first.

segura viuda, cava, brut reserva

the first thing we ordered was a cheese & meat board : red dragon cheese, imberico lomito, and cornichons

can I just tell you guys, that cheese was spectacular. it was probably the best cheese I’ve ever had…pair it with that dried meat and you’ve got yourself a party. seriously though, that cheese was so soft that it fell apart when you picked it up, spicy, nutty, and delicious.

I also got their sweet corn chowder to start off.

sweet corn chowder : sweet corn, clams, and smoked bacon

sooooo good. I”m totally a soup person. like, the “soup nazi” episode of seinfeld makes me so hungry, I want that medium crab bisque so bad. this was insanely good. the sweet corn was really sweet and the bacon was smoked for hours in the back. and the mark of a good clam chowder, I’ve found, is when you get a bite or two with a grain of sand…then you know that shiz is fresh. so good.

I also decided to try a side order of potatoes. there were far too much to finish, but I wanted to taste them. they were sweet and the perfect texture.

potato pureé with caramelized onions

my entree was their fresh duck pasta. here’s where it starts to get a little negative.

fresh duck pasta : smoked duck confit, parmesan, pickled cranberries

okay. so I only got like less than ten bites in. this was pretty greasy, the pasta didn’t taste like it was cooked all that well, and the more and more bites I took the more I thought “if I eat more of this, I might get sick”. looks pretty though, huh? some of my other friends really enjoyed it when they ordered before, but for me, it was too ducky and too greasy.

moving on to dessert. this was ok but not the best I’ve ever had.

pumpkin cake : pecan filling, bourbon ice cream

I think those might be pumpkin seeds on the top. they were a nice added crunch. that ice cream was delicious, but the cake could’ve been moister and more pumpkiney. but of course, being a mortonite, I’m quite picky about pumpkin goods.

all in all, a great experience. our friends from “folken” entertained us to no end and right next door you can hop over and get wine and micro brews, yeah…pretty sweet.


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