dinner will be ready at 7:30…

this post is for the one and only kelly marie stinnett!

today is her favorite holiday so I thought I would post the entry from her very special, very delicious birthday day celebration!

we ate so. much. food.

kelly and I appreciate a good restaurant, for sure.  and maybe it was because of my food blog or maybe it was just because we’re feeling a little more adventurous these days…but kelly and I decided to break off from our typical restaurants and venture out and explore st. louis.  thank GOD we did.  we are discovering some yummy, extraordinary, incomparable food.

the first part of our day was by far the best.

everyone and anyone living in the midwest, get your butt to this restaurant, IMMEDIATELY.  I’m not joking, I don’t think I could endorse anything more heartily.  one of the best meals of my life.


we went to “brasserie” in st. louis.  seriously, incredible.  first of all, it was the cutest place EVER.  super quaint french loveliness.
so cute.

drinks, first.  chilled water in a pretty glass.  delicious piping coffee.  and a lovely breakfast cocktail consisting of gin (my favorite), champagne, st. germaine, creme de cassis, and lemon juice.

that cocktail was delish.  tart, refreshing, bubbly, and look how pretty!

next up, we got free beignets!  seriously?!  little powdery puffs of happy, sign me up.

that’s like one of my favorite food pictures ever.  did I mention that these were nestled atop a bed of housemade ricotta, honey, and stewed plums?!  RIDICULOUS.

next came my entreé.  took ma breath away.  let me just tell you the contents, then tease you with pictures..

brisket tartine : brisket, fontina cheese, arugula, fried egg on top of a heaping piece of toast.  let’s just say this.  everyone at the table tried it, and when miss candy stinnett tried it, the woman dropped her fork after she took that bite.  it’s fork-dropping good.

look at that BEEEEF.  oh…and those FRITES…holy crap…they were dusted and baked with breadcrumbs.  perfectly salted.  the whole thing was just NUTS, I about lost myself.

I took bites of kelly and jill’s dishes as well.  jill had some beautiful hazelnut waffles.


and kelly had french toast.  usually, the idea of french toast makes me gag.  soggy bread? with syrup??  sick.  but this, this was on another level.  it was like fancy bread pudding with lemon curd and powdered sugar.  it was in.sane.  melty, creamy, and that lemon was a firecracker of tart goodness.

parfait, mon amie!

several hours later we ended up at a lovely spot called “the shaved duck”.

if there is a chance for me to drink hard cider, I’ll take it.  I love the stuff…luckily it hasn’t turned me into an alcoholic.  probably because it only takes two to get me even a little “happy”.  I had a fox barrel pear blackberry cider.  YUM.

I got a wedge salad first.  because I’m obsessed with wedge salad.  I didn’t finish it, but it didn’t matter, I wanted to taste it.  I wanted it in my belly.  it was everything a wedge salad should be.  wedge salad : iceberg lettuce, crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes, shaved red onions, ranch dressing.

our appetizer was our favorite part of the night.

loaded smoked potato wedges : quartered smoked potato wedges loaded with pulled pork, baked beans, bacon, white cheddar, and smoked bourban bbq sauce.  YEAH.

straight up amazing.  the sauce was incredible and the meat just fell right apart.

and now the main event.  I got something quite incredible.  of course, I had to order duck.  duck confit pot pie, yum yum.  amazing spices, moist duck, and a hearty cream sauce.  and the presentation was adorable.  the “pot pie” was a crusted bun resting on top of a bowl of the filling.

and it wouldn’t be a st. louis day without a visit to park avenue coffee for gooey butter cake.  my choice, cinnamon roll.

lovely day with my lovely friend celebrating her lovely life.  more birthday days to come!  c’est magnifique!

I reeeaally hope you recognize that blog title, miss kelly!


One thought on “dinner will be ready at 7:30…

  1. What a fabulous montage of our eating adventures!

    I love you & had such a lovely birthday, mon ami!

    And spectacular blog title 🙂 We need to watch that again sometime…

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