is there sugar in syrup?! then YES!

finally…the conclusion of the birthday posts.  crazy awesome and crazy spoiled.

a perfect night out with some of my favorite gals…to dinner at salt and then to cap it off with the incredible hunger games movie…pretty spectacular birthday.
some awkward leaning…
the girls wanted to get goat cheese dip…

goat cheese dip : creamy dip garnished with sautéed leeks and dried cranberries served with house prepared lemon cilantro and cool cucumber tortilla chipshere’s the thing…I hate goat cheese.  I’ve tried it many times, all at legit establishments…I can’t deal with it.  but this was ok because it was not just straight goat cheese.  those chips were super delicious.

the appetizer I wanted…

crispy pork belly : slow-roasted pork belly served on a bed of yukon gold potato pureé garnished with caramelized brussel sprouts
if you’re keeping track, this is the third or fourth time I’ve ordered brussel sprouts.  they are so. good.  these were no exception…sweet and briny, amazing.  the pork belly was super crispy and the perfect amount of fatty…the potatoes were sweet and caramely.  great dish.

I have to feature ali’s dish because we decided to share with each other…

lobster mac ‘n’ cheese : lobster meat sautéed with shallots and garlic then tossed with orecchiette pasta in a creamy white cheddar sauce
sooooo yummy…the perfect creaminess that mac ‘n’ cheese should have.  and the lobster was so chunky and sweet.  awesome.

now mine:)

short rib ravioli : slow braised short rib mixed with ricotta cheese, caramelized leeks and parmesan cheeseI want to eat this again…right. now.  it was unbelievable.  first off, little did I know that this dish featured truffle oil…ANYTHING that has truffle oil on it tastes incredible.  I first had it in florence, italy alongside my dear alyssa, and I’ve loved it ever since…though let’s face it, the italians probably do truffle oil better than we do.

the short rib in the ravioli was so tender and juicy…the pasta was perfectly cooked and the sauce was like a magical experience.  seriously, who wants to go back with me right now?!

here’s another reason I wanna go back…

salted caramel bacon brownieYEAH.  just LOOK at that thing.  it was mouthwatering.  ridiculous.  tastegasmic.  this goes right alongside my lavender suggestion…bacon+sweet=amazing.  you might think it’s weird…but if you like bacon, and you like chocolate (which if you don’t like both of those things, leave this blog immediately) then you’ll LOVE this.  and bacon ice cream…try that some day if you get the chance.  but for now, go to salt, and if anything, just order this.  seriously…life changing.  plus, that was the best brownie I’ve ever had…it was perfectly moist and chocolatey…add all that other goodness…you’re in trouble.

happy birthday to me!

hope you enjoyed reading…and not eating;)


how's it taste?

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