and monkey’s brains, though popular in cantonese cuisine, are not often to be found in washington d.c.

I know it’s a month overdue, but I really wanna finish off the birthday posts.  just looking back at these food pictures is making me salivate.  geez.

so I got the surprise of the year, when I walked downstairs and out of my apartment to go to maxine’s with mom and dad for my birthday…my bestest friend jess was standing there!  I haven’t spent a birthday with her in three years, so it was pretty great.  she joined us for dinner and it was good times, as always.
check this awesomeness out!
started out with a taco flight…any type of flight is great by me.

taco flight : ancho chili chicken, braised pork, chipotle vegetableI love a good fancy taco.  the braised pork was so delicious and that chicken was amazing pairing with the crunchy cabbage.  the veggie one was alright, but I couldn’t handle the texture.

caramelized pear salad : romaine lettuce, walnuts, blue cheese, orange vinaigrettethis is the salad I ordered, but it’s not the salad I ate.  I ended up switching with my mom…the texture of the pears just wasn’t workin’ for me.  in case you can’t tell, I have texture issues.  I instead ate a bacon arugula salad – house cured & smoked bacon, walnuts, dates, parmigiano regginao.  it was soooo delicious…bacon makes everything on this earth better.  and have I ever told you how much I love walnuts in a salad?!

cause I DO.

here are jess’ scallops…

scallops : pinot gris butter sauce, forbidden rice, tatsoiok…that rice…is anything but forbidden…it was DElicious.  the texture of it was a little al denté but it was perfect that way.  and the thing about scallops is they have to be cooked just right…these bad boys melted in your mouth.  yummo.

bison filet : bone marrow hollandaise, smashed new potatoes, pickled onions
I go through food phases.  currently…if I see the words “hollandaise” and “pickled” on that menu…I’m damn well ordering it.  this bison was so so tender, like filet mignon…but bison is a much healthier red meat.  it was full of flavor.  and I’m pretty sure steak should only be served with hollandaise…it’s crazy how good they taste together.  and a bite with everything, the bison, potatoes, sauce, and onions…crazy good.

on to dessert…and not just any dessert…BIRTHDAY dessert!

créme bruleé flight : coconut, coffee-caramel, lavenderlet’s go through this…one bruleé at a time.

coconut : normally, I stay far far away from coconut.  again, it’s a texture thing.  but the flavor of this was really nice…it was just the chewing part that was not the best for me.  great flavor.

coffee-caramel : holy geez.  coffee in dessert is always a good thing.  this was a winner.  completely yummy.

and my favorite…

lavender : recent obsession alert!  after making lavender honey cupcakes…which I need to share the recipe with you guys, a lavender/rosemary iced latté at 30/30…and now this…you can pretty much say that lavender in food is my new favorite thing.  I know what you’re thinking…that sounds disgusting.  you’re eating FLOWERS?!  if you trust ANYTHING that I say on this blog…trust this…lavender is insanely delicious.  it sits on your tongue like a happy little dance of flavor…it is one of the most pleasant flavors I’ve ever experienced.  no. lie.

and to top the night off…jess brought me a gift bag with gin & tonic…which is my kryptonite.  and not just any gin, but hendrick’s gin…that stuff. is. smooth.

what a good best friend I have:)

I was going to include my last birthday restaurant visit in this post…but it’s already too long for my taste…so we’ll just do two posts in a row:)


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