dinner will be ready at 7:30…

this post is for the one and only kelly marie stinnett! today is her favorite holiday so I thought I would post the entry from her very special, very delicious birthday day celebration! we ate so. much. food. kelly and I appreciate a good restaurant, for sure.  and maybe it was because of my food

that caviar is a GARNISH!

you know what I love?!  imago dei church.  you know what else I love?  food.  put those two things together, recipe for greatness. so I volunteer at my church in a tutoring/mentoring program.  we hang out with kids from the projects and help them with their homework, play games, sometimes even roller-skate.   it’s the

a little saffron would MAKE this!

ok, I’m starting to get caught up with my photo sessions and therefore my posts here. I’m kind of going out of order, but you wouldn’t have known that without this statement, so who cares? so for my sister’s birthday we went to wildfire in chicago.  forget the fact that they screwed up karen’s order,