that caviar is a GARNISH!

you know what I love?!  imago dei church.  you know what else I love?  food.  put those two things together, recipe for greatness.

so I volunteer at my church in a tutoring/mentoring program.  we hang out with kids from the projects and help them with their homework, play games, sometimes even roller-skate.   it’s the best time I’ve ever had.  those kids are hilarious, and warm, and they make me insanely happy.

our leaders wanted to express their gratitude to the group of volunteers, how do you do that with thirty something people and no money??

luckily, my pastor is a part of a cooking club.  their services were offered to us and we jumped up and down with glee in acceptance.  they are all a bunch of foodies; wonderful, Godly men, who are obsessed with gourmet cooking…can it get better?!  not really.

so we were spoiled.

I’ll go through our lovely menu…with of course, pictures.
we had palagrino at the table…I put a little lemon in mine, it was very good.
 amusé bouche : walnut soup
what I can only describe as apple pie soup.  sweet, savory, delicious.

first course : pork wonton in chili oil sauce
oh geez, I’m a sucker for wontons.  the wonton was perfectly cooked, as was the pork…kinda fell apart in your mouth.  and don’t get me started on that chili sauce, that stuff had BITE…the good kind.

crostini with ricotta and clover honey
typically, I don’t enjoy honey.  ever since I O.D.’ed on it in greece with baklava.  ick.  but I’m so glad I tried this, because it was the best part of the menu.  reeeeeeediculous.  my friend karyn and I kept eating these little things over and over.  it was so so so so good.  this is a snack I wanna try to make at home.  perfect mix of sweet and savory, and the crunchiness of the bread just made it even better.

third course : ravioli with prosciutto, fresh ricotta, and spinach, served with a tomato cream sauce
like baby lasagnas full of happy.  and my love for tomato cream or what I like to refer to as “pink” sauces is exponentially growing by the minute.

fourth course : belgian endive with stilton blue cheese and walnuts
second favorite of the night.  I was a little nervous because I haven’t ever had endive and blue cheese makes me nervous…its either REALLY good or realllly bad.  yet this, this was one of those things you eat where every ingredient makes the dish.  the endive was bitter, the blue cheese was savory, the walnuts were a great added texture, and the sauce they drizzled all over was soooo yummy.  loved it.

dessert : new orleans style bread pudding with créme anglaise
I never knew I loved bread pudding, let’s just say that.

amaretto roasted pear gelato
oh boy do I love pears…and amaretto is like my favorite…and that gelato had the perfect mixture of gritty and smooth.

all in all, a perfect night…wonderful company, free INCREDIBLE food, and did I mention folken and the feriantes played music for us the entire night…like AWESOME music.  I love you, church, thanks for continually healing my heart.  and yes, food can be very, VERY healing.  thank you so much, ryan, josh, taylor and kevin!



how's it taste?

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