maybe the way you are eating your jaws are getting tired.

that blog title’s for you, spaz.  winner winner if you can tell me where its from.

so I really wanna try to use my winter months of being cooped up inside to catch up on my past food adventures.  starting with this.

peoria heights has so much to offer.  I just wanna live there and eat and eat and eat.  so kelly and I went to noir and boy was it good.

the best part about tapas is that you get to try tons of different stuff without filling your tummy.  its basically my dream come true.  I tend to be very indecisive about food because I just want to order everything on the menu.

our first sampling was corn cakes with pineapple, jalapeño, and mango salsa topped with creme fraiche.  deeeeeeelicious.  any corn products are right by me but throw on spicy and sweet and you’ve got a winner.
 tapas number two was grilled servant manchego crostini.  toasted bread topped with spanish ham and manchego cheese served with dijon mustard sauce.  don’t get me started on this.  three of my favorite things: ham, cheese, and dijon.  but FANCY.  the bread was perfectly crusty and the ham was nice and thinly sliced.  manchego cheese is brilliant, I need to find some for my own kitchen.
 our third and FAVORITE choice was the bacon wrapped pineapple.  geez louise.  crispy brown sugar bacon wrapped around grilled pineapple and topped with melted gruyere and balsamic glaze.  like, seriously?  I will only use this term in selected circumstances…tastegasm.
 and we finished with some delicious banana gelato topped with caramel and fried plantains.  delish.
 I can’t WAIT to go back.


2 thoughts on “maybe the way you are eating your jaws are getting tired.

  1. Hooray! I wondered when this would make its way on the blog. The photos look fab. I could totally go for one of those pineapple/bacon creations. YUMMY 🙂

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