a little saffron would MAKE this!

ok, I’m starting to get caught up with my photo sessions and therefore my posts here.

I’m kind of going out of order, but you wouldn’t have known that without this statement, so who cares?

so for my sister’s birthday we went to wildfire in chicago.  forget the fact that they screwed up karen’s order, it was really really good.

the first thing we got was chopped salad.  I LOVE chopped salad.  I love wedge salad too.  dang.  this was so so delicious.  the dressing was so light and fresh.

wildfire chopped salad : roasted chicken, avocado, tomatoes, blue cheese, scallions, bacon, corn, tortilla strips, and citrus lime vinaigrette

we also had a big basket of onion loaf, it was warm, sharp and flavorful.

karen and john got a wine flight, it looked pretty good, but I’m not much of a wine-o.

my main course was a filet medallion trio, a chance to explore three different flavors, which is great for me since I’m pretty schizophrenic about food decisions.

with the trio, you had the option of different flavored “crusts”…which is just how it sounds…flavor capped on top of the filet medallion crusted to perfection.  my choices were parmesan, mushroom and bernaise.  I had a side of au gratin potatoes.  the triple was so delicious.  parmesan was definitely the winner.  and the potatoes were scrumptious.

a shot of the potatoes.

and maybe it was to make up for their mistake or maybe it was just customary, but they gave karen some chocolate cake that was really delicious.

all in all, delish.


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