if it says boil two cups of salt, you just boil two cups of salt!

oh man, has it been this long?

I’ve been delaying my passion of food for my other passion of photography.  I’ve been getting a lot of sessions lately and that comes with editing…hours and days and weeks of editing.

but I really wanna keep this up.  so somebody smack me!

a lonnnng time ago I went to my bff mike’s house, to eat dinner with him and my bf in-law breanne and mini bf julia, and bff kelly.  its a smorgasbord of bff-ness.

we were cooked a sumptuous meal including skewers of deciousness and nuggets of glory.

our meal was so good.  marinated meatballs with pineapple, and green and red peppers.  if you haven’t put meatballs on a skewer and simmered it over the grill, you haven’t lived.


and another…

then we followed up with an insanely good nugget dessert.

mini chocolate tiramisu cakes…ahhh-mazing.  I’ll post the recipe here after the pictures…some sweet eye candy for ya…

next step…whipped topping.

last step…chocolate shaved goodness for garnish.

recipe is here.  the lovely chef, breanne, made some substitutions : 1/2 of a family size brownie mix for the cake, and grated chocolate chips as a garnish instead of cocoa powder, and instead of coffee liqueur, caramel bailey’s with some instant coffee granules.

lesson learned, there’s no need to panic if you don’t have the exact ingredients.

hope to post again SOON!


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