the last time I saw a specimen like this, they had to shoot the horse!

so sorry for the long lapse.  I have been trying to give myself a break.  june was definitely my much much much needed break.

but I have PLENTY to post.  we’ll start with this.

my friend karyn and I went to the manito jazz, wine and balloon festival back in may.  it was a great, rainy, silly time.  we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and ended up leaving with more wine in our bloodstream than we intended.  but that’s ok.

there was a wide assortment of wine.  but our ticket only allowed us five tastings.
the first one I tried was a reisling from willett’s winery.  I was kind of thrown off guard because I’m pretty sure I just asked about it and she handed me a glass.  whatever.  it was fine, but it was a little too bitter for me.  I’m more of a sweet wine gal.

the next one I had was from august hill winery.  these guys are the best.  everytime they opened a new bottle they made a huge deal about it with hootin’ and hollerin’ everywhere. and their wine. was. delicious.  I tried their “almond infusion” which was just as delicious as it sounds.  I loooovveee almond flavor.  and then their famous “mardi gras”, delicious, crisp, sparkling perfection.  loved it.  I definitely plan on visiting their winery in utica.  here’s the mardi gras…
isn’t the glass cute?  love it.

then I tried the pomegranate wine from prairie state winery.  deee-licious.  I love anything pomegranate.  this is one of my favorite pictures, like, ever.
but the grande finale was the perfection in a glass from illinois river winery.  apple blossom. unreal.  crisp, tart, like drinking candy.  we “paired” it with some overpriced baby swiss and wheat crackers from terry knollenberg.  perfect.  each bought a bottle of it and karyn and I plan on going back…for a couple…bottles.

mmmm…I wish I had some left.

the festival also featured entertainment and food vendors.

there were four jazz bands, one really good one, one really annoying one (well slighly annoying) and then this smooth older couple that really crooned.  here’s a peek at the eye candy featured:
that’s not the greatest picture but trust me, he’s nice to look at, and its pretty hilarious that he’s smoothing his hair back for me.  mr. joe metzka.  yes.  omg, doesn’t he remind you of uncle jesse??  here’s one of the other musicians.
moving on to the FOOD.  that’s what we’re here for, right?  we basically ate so that we would have some sort of caloric intake to balance out all this alcohol.  since we’re lightweights.  and I had one of THEE most delicious things I have ever. eaten.  seriously. from my new best friends at holy smoked bbq.  seriously, if I could refer to nachos as a miracle without being blasphemous…I totally would.

pork bbq nachos.
sweet mother of pearl.  I wanna eat them right now.  best nachos of my life.  how did I never think of this combination before???  I’m going to this restaurant for a FULL feast and review…who’s with me??

one more shot of the wine bottles, just cause I love this.
remember the quote game?  each post will feature a move/tv quote about the food in question…I couldn’t help myself with this one, its too freaking brilliant.

I forgot how much I enjoy this, won’t be long til the next one:)


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