custard, good. jam, good. meat, GOOD.

how about a first (and a half) post?

I have no obligation to post in any time frame, remember?  but I have been super busy editing the 1200+ pictures I took at dress rehearsal…and recital is rounding the corner so I thought I’d get a post in before I got even more busy.

did I mention how much I love this blog layout?  its fab-u-lous.


a couple of weeks ago we had “taste of morton”.  it was a little dreary outside but I’m not ever going to pass up a smorgasbord of food available to me.  so we went.

first I hit the qdoba stand.  got me some chips and queso…simply put, I can’t resist it.  they have the best nachos and the best queso.  it was delicious.  then I hopped around.

next stop: heritage farmer’s market

they offered breads and jam but I went straight for the pulled pork.  with sauce to add to your liking, I always like it when they do that.  it was delicious.  just enough of that fatty pork to make your mouth water and a sauce with a real kick.  it was super delicious.  they plated you more than just that too!  they also offered a pork burger which was completely yummy, I’m pretty sure my dad is gonna buy some to cook up.  it was a little spicy but it held its own by itself on the bun.  they also had some sort of a meat spread on some crackers that was really yummy too.

bread and jam.

pulled  pork and pork burger.

pork spread on crackers.

then I went down to the great harvest bread co.  and let me say, I could not be more pumped about this place opening.  they featured the following goodness: cheddar garlic bread, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, honey whole wheat, and nine grain bread, and an assortment of cookies.  I tried the cheddar garlic and the pumpkin chocolate chip.  both delicious.  that pumpkin bread was ridiculous, I took it home so that I could heat it up and eat it warm as to fool myself into thinking it was fresh out of the oven…delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, warm, soft, and perfect.  everything bread should be.  I don’t know if its open yet but it was supposed to last month.

I love these shots…

bread and cookies.

up close of cookies.

hope you enjoyed my first post…I think its tasty.


One thought on “custard, good. jam, good. meat, GOOD.

  1. yum. The Bible says “Man cannot live on bread alone”, but I’m pretty sure I could make a good go of it!

    Love the title of the post BTW. “I wasn’t supposed to put beef in the Trifle”…. ” I love Jacque Cousteau”.

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