maybe the way you are eating your jaws are getting tired…

this is extremely exciting for me.

apparently i can’t keep myself from the blogging world for more than a few days.

the idea here is sharing, no obligation, no timeline, just whenever I feel like it.  but the beauty here is that the freeness of that concept is only going to make me more eager and willing.  it’ll be much less frustrating and daunting than the 365 project often became.

so what will you find here?

anything about food!

I look forward to sharing tested recipes, restaurant reviews, food adventures, and lots and lots and lots of pictures.

it’s no secret that i love food and i love photographing it.  if i could do that full-time, i SO would.  so maybe this can get me out in the real world and noticed and maybe i can do some free-lance food photography via buttontobliss.

speaking of that, isn’t the name of this project insanely catchy?  it sounds so much like buttontobliss with its syllables and perfect wording, i love it.  it makes for a great name for b2b’s second side project.  although the first project is the whole reason b2b even exists.  beautiful the way things work, isn’t it?

I wanted to try a new blog host cause i’ll tell you right here and now that blogger sucks.  its html coding is messed up and it doesn’t host nearly enough pictures…i had to use flickr to finish the 365. 

but this, i am loving wordpress so far, so thanks SO much, dave.  it is beautiful and streamlined and totally cohesive with the b2b website.  I also just decided that each blog post will feature a quote about food, most likely from a movie.  any guess where this gem came from?  only katie weinstein will know…

i hope you enjoy exploring food with me…hopefully this and my continued photography will help fill that gaping 365 hole in your heart.



10 thoughts on “maybe the way you are eating your jaws are getting tired…

  1. LOVE IT! This is soooo you! You should do a backlog and post some of the multitude of foodie pics from your already extensive database (the ones you deem worthy, of course…like my mojito pic!). 😉

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